Model T Rd.
17th Street
1000 Rose Hill Drive
912 Lincoln Place
1002 Rose Hill Drive

cLIFFMANN studio builds exciting, well crafted houses that exude the art of fine building.  We are continually refining, redesigning, and further developing throughout the entire building process.

We emphasize the importance of details, materials, textures, and color, often designing in full scale on site.  Our palette is the building.  We use typical inexpensive materials in new and refreshing ways to create forms, details, and textures that are unusual and provocative. We strive for a casual elegance which will allow the occupants to live comfortably and easily.

Almost all these houses are passively heated by the sun.  Sometimes we made the glass translucent because the south side had bad views.  Other times, with great south views, the glass is filmed to adjust the amount of heat that comes through.  Overhangs are calculated to shade the glass as warm weather approaches.  There’s not a sense that the house tries too hard to be passively heated.